De Vito Andrea

1997 Degree in Medicine and Surgery (University of Pisa) 2001 Specialization in Otolaryngology (University of Pisa) 2005 Ph.D. in Sleep Medicine (University of Bologna) 2005-2020 Medical Director, Forlì Hospital - Health Local Agency of Romagna. 2020 to date UOC Director of Otolaryngologist, Ravenna and Lugo Hospital, Health Local Agency of Romagna Since 2018 National Scientific Licence for Associated and Full Professor (h-Index 22) Member of the Italian Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SIO & ChCF) Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK Member of the International Sleep Surgical Society (ISSS) More than 7,000 surgical procedures in the GA as 1st operator More than 120 scientific publications in national and international journals with Impact Factor. More than 150 participations as Speaker, Tutor, Teacher or Director at national and international congresses.